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O’Durand Property Development, Hector and Franklin, were fantastic from the start. They did everything they said, they said the work would take 7 weeks and it did. They tidied up every night before they left and were respectful of the property and took real care. I felt comfortable leaving the builders and knew they would get on with the work at hand. It was the first time I have employed building company and know Hector and Franklin were a good choice. I have already recommended them to my sister to them” Overall very happy with the work!

O’Durand Property Development Ltd, works with a dedicated team of time served tradespeople and property professionals.

A well-built roof will last for many years, keeping the rain out and the warmth in, but when it starts to go wrong you’ll know about it very quickly! An old and leaking roof will devalue your property and water can quickly seep into unexpected places causing both hidden and obvious damage, often requiring damp treatment. 

Whatever type of roof, whether flat or pitched, tiled or fibre-glass, our skilled workers are experienced in working with all kinds of roofing materials to achieve a result which is both water-tight and aesthetically pleasing.

In addition, as flat roofs are more prone to leaks, we can also convert a flat roof to pitched if required. 

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